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How To Deal With The Aging Signs That Your Body Is Giving Away?

As far as anti-aging skin treatments are concerned, women tend to pay the most attention to their faces. 98% of women’s anti-aging products purchases are meant for facial skin only.


Not many are aware that, apart from your skin, appearance of earlobes is yet another sign that divulges your age! Women who put on heavy earrings are particularly more at risk since weight of jewelery inexorably pulls your ear downwards and causes the skin to become frail and stretched.

Discussed below are some sings that reveal your age and ways to tackle them.

  • Lip wrinkles: As a woman’s age advances, just like other body parts, lips too change. Lips get their moisture from petite oil glands. Over a period of time, these glands discontinue functioning optimally. When this begins to happen, you should start looking for lip balms and lipsticks that contain dimethicone, petrolatum and glycerin which help retain moisture. Also, be careful about lip products that include high SPF sunscreen with both UVB and UVA blocking ingredients. These might result in skin cancer.
  • Wrinkles: Fine lines and wrinkles are an ample proof of aging that settle all over our face as you grow old. I don’t know any woman who doesn’t dread wrinkles. Wrinkles, have two types – Deep wrinkles and surface wrinkles. While the former ranges from 0.1 mm to 0.4 mm in depth and infiltrates into the dermal layer of your skin, the latter are less than 0.1 mm in depth and vanish when your facial muscles are relaxed.
  • Anxiety: Nervousness over aging is directly linked to poor self-image. Low self-esteem leads to illness and decline in preemptive fitness  behaviors, such as exercise. Stress and anxiety are the worst enemies of your body. Smile your way through stress and you will feel the difference in your body.
  • Melasma and Skin Pigmentation: If you develop dark patches of skin on your cheeks, nose,  upper lip, or forehead then it is perceived to be melasma. The single most effective method for making the pigmentation to fade away is to keep away from sun. There are some treatments available for skin discoloration but you will be better off maintaining minimal sun exposure. Using a wrinkle concealer and moisturizer might help in overcoming aging effects.
  • Neck and Chest: As you advance in age, you may begin to feel intensification of wrinkles and crepe skin on your chest and neck areas. To prevent this from happening too soon in your life, make it a habbit to regularly apply moisturizing creams and consume fruits and supplements containing antioxidants such as Vitamin A and Vitamin E which slow down the aging process. Another option is undertaking microdermabrasion and laser treatment which greatly help in fading of aging spots and firming up the sagging skin. In addition to these methods, Botox injections in the vocal cord can improve appearance of a turkey neck.

If you have additional tips that you know work. Please do let us know via the comments below.

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