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How to Fix the 5 Signs of Aging?

Hair loss is a sure sign that something is wrong with your health system, and if you are losing more than a few hairs everyday, you should take things seriously. If you are worried about facial and body signs that reveal your age, then do what I do and look forever young. People generally mistake my age, thanks to these tips I follow.

1. Dull and thinning hair

1.	Dull and thinning hair

Side effects of some medicines, childbirth, and stress- all these can trigger hair loss for a brief period, but hormonal changes that come from menopause may result in permanent thinning. How to know if you have a problem

At home: Starting with the scalp, mildly tweak a small length of hair from roots to the tips. Should you experience a situation of losing six hairs then it is certainly a thinning problem.

At the clinics: Get ready to undergo blood tests to check for the presence of anemia, lumps, or thyroid disease.

2. Turkey neck


The fearsome turkey neck occurs when the skin below the portion of the neck starts loosening and sagging. How to beat the damned turkey?

At home: Pamper your delicate neck skin using a moisturizer that is replete with peptides for collagen generation.

At the clinics: To fuel the generation of collagen in your neck, some medical practitioners employ light devices and radiofrequency. Laser treatment method can also be used to enhance the skin’s texture.

3. Not-so perky breasts


It’s really a let-downer to lose your sex appeal. Fat and loss of tissue makes breasts less round.

At home: If your bra is too low, stiffen the straps. If you still feel like being dragged down then wear a new bra. Buying a new bra won’t take too long.

At the store: Opt for seamed cups as they offer a good support to the bra. Also, get the right fitting- no matter how many stores you have to visit.

4. Spotted hands

Loss of collagen results in brown spots and lessened volume. Due to decrease in collagen, veins tend to stand out, which makes hands look kinda ugly.

At home: Rub a sunscreen regularly on the back of hands to stop further sun damage.

At the clinics: Laser treatment could be the solution to arrest sun damage. Photodynamic therapy is yet another method that is useful in stimulating production of collagen.

5. Sore feet


Are you punishing your feet by wearing ill-fitting shoes? No wonder you get cracked heels, painful bunions and calluses. Here is what you should do.

At home: Moisturize your heels before going to the bed.

At the clinics: Surgery is the best solution for painful bunions.

Author: Summer H.


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