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What Is The Key To a Happy Marriage

A happy marriage is what people dream about and having a happy and fulfilling marriage is a dream come true. In real life though, things don`t turn out that way very often and even the best marriages can end in failure. But why? What is the key to a happy marriage? It is often the case that people take granted what they have and don`t act, before it is too late. If two people have been able to stay together happily for decades, it shows that they know the key to a happy marriage.

Marriage is a long journey and so you need to be prepared for this journey. Whenever you are going for a long journey, you want to be fully prepared, so you don`t have any problems during the journey. The problem is that so many couples don`t make ant preparations for this journey. Getting married seems like the end goal and whatever comes after that is not given enough thought. Couples don`t know how to make a marriage work, because they haven`t made proper preparations.

The key to a happy marriage is priority. The relationship with your spouse has to be above any other relationship. If two people make their relationship the priority, so many of the common problems of marriage can be solved. The relationship becomes a lot closer and better, if it comes before the relationships with your friends and co-workers. If the relationship is made a priority, you start to appreciate your spouse more and you become much closer.

People are different and you and your spouse might be totally different with different life philosophies and opinions. It is often these differences which break apart a relationship. Too often couples see differences as problems. But differences should aim to compliment each other. You might be a very quiet, thoughtful, planned and patient person, while your spouse might be a dominant, active, impatient and emotional person.

The key to a happy marriage is understanding that you are different and use these differences to complement each other. Your spouse`s strengths should complement your weaknesses and vice versa. This is not that hard to achieve if the relationship is a priority. Differences between two people can and should be a good thing. Differences between two people can be used to break apart a relationship or used to bring a relationship closer.  [Read10 Things I wish I knew before getting married]

Ultimately the key to a happy marriage is priority. If you want to spend your whole life with a person, it means that you will have great times together and not so great times. There will always be ups and downs. But none of these things matter, if the relationship is number one and comes above everything else. It is very easy to think of the relationship with your spouse as secondary and take things for granted. If you have spend many years with your partner, it is easy to think it will always stay this way. But even long relationships can end very quickly, if the relationship is  no longer a priority. Couples who have been together for many decades have been able to make it happen.

Are you or know anyone that is married and is happy? What is your secret to a happy marriage?


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