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Latest Tips to Enhance Your Beauty Naturally

While artificial makeup products and chemical cosmetics may be easier to use and show quicker results, no one can deny that they do unleash their share of harmful side-effects. I once had rashes all over my face because of a bad toner. I will not reveal the company name, but I would just say that it’s best to rely on natural products. Most natural beauty products are simple do-it-yourself home recipes that usually do not cause any side-effects. Read on to learn about my latest tips to enhance your beauty quotient naturally:

Coconut Milk

Coconut Milk

This is a simple and effective treatment. All you need to do is grate a coconut and extract its milk. Then apply it over your face, focusing especially on your lips and cheeks. Wipe and wash your face after five minutes. This helps add a healthy glow to your skin.

Orange/Lemon Juice Moisturizer


Cleanse your face by wiping it with a cotton ball dipped in raw milk. Next, prepare a moisturizing paste by mixing a spoon of lemon juice, a spoon of orange juice, and a cup of yoghurt together. Mix well and apply this paste on your face. Keep it on for a while and then peel it off or wipe with a tissue. This provides nutrition to your skin and cleanses it fully.

Protein Mask


The latest addition to the list of natural beauty tips and tricks is the protein mask. Soak any protein-rich cereal and almonds in water for one night. Then mash and grind them into a paste.  Apply this paste to your face and wash off in thirty minutes. This protein mask provides nourishment to the skin, cleanses it, reduces oiliness, and helps you feel fresh.

Natural Sunscreen


Another do-it-yourself beauty product that you must make for yourself this season is a natural sunscreen. Add cucumber juice and rose water and mix well. Further, add some glycerin to make this paste smooth. Now apply it to your face and you’re ready to face the sun. The best aspect of this homemade sunscreen is that it can be conveniently stored in a fridge.

Honey Conditioner


Every woman wants soft, smooth, and glowing skin; and honey conditioner is the best way to get that. Mix two spoons of honey with cream and stir well. Apply this mixture to your face and keep it on for 10-15 minutes. Wipe with a wet tissue and your skin will instantly feel baby soft.

Try these natural recipes for glowing skin and you wouldn’t have to face rashes the way I did.


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