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MAC’s Mascara Test

All of us have read a number of reviews and tried a zillion testers at the back of our palms, but how often do you find the right mascara. Some are too fluidic while few others don’t give volume. Shine, texture, and durability are a few of the other aspects that we judge. Most importantly, when was the last time you bought mascara without a heavy heart and an empty pocket? Mascaras are generally an expensive buy and in spite of spending a bomb on them, we remain unsure if it would the bargain.

Now there is one savior you will have behind the makeup counter and that is MAC mascara. There are times  when MAC might not suit your needs, but most of the times MAC is right here to solve YOUR lash worries. It is in fact a very easy job to review MAC’s mascara range because of the amazing products produced by them. Everyone seems to be so satisfied with their products especially the mascaras. MAC mascaras today are ahead of all the mascaras available in the market. They have probably earned this position because of the quality of their products. The mascaras produced by them can be applied during the day as well as at night.

MAC mascaras have an incredible texture to start with. They are light and don’t cause heaviness on the lashes unlike many mascaras. The color is very natural and not an artificial looking black. This makes the eyes look classy and not made up. Another relieving point about MAC is that the mascaras do not chip. The fluid is not runny and stays on the lashes for almost sixteen hours. This is considerably a long time. Moreover, you wouldn’t need to redo it throughout the day over and over again. It has a strong formula, which makes it stay on the lashes for a longer period. [Read: 10 Ingredients Commonly Found In Skin Care Products]

Raccoon-lashes will probably never happen to you if you are using MAC mascara. Your lashes will probably look dark elegant and chic. The brush is smooth and well crafted. It makes application extremely easy.

The pricing of the product is just perfect keeping in mind the quality of the product. You can find it probably at every store in your city.


If you buy MAC mascara once, you are bound to buy it over and over! On the whole it is an amazing product and deserves a complete ten on ten.

Over to you: What type of makeup do you use? Have you ever used MAC products? If so, please share your experience in the comments below!

Author: Summer H.


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