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Morning Glory

Many people believe that to have sex in the morning is by far the best way to start your day. Even scientists have confirmed that couples who start their day with sex are more likely to have lasting, happy relationships and be healthier and happier individuals. A chemical called oxytocin is released and this is a key factor in the warm bonding feeling that sticks with each of you throughout your day, no matter if you have to go and work separate jobs.

Sex in the morning boosts your IGA levels, giving a rise to your immune system and therefore gives you a healthy start and uplifting feeling. Women are truly radiant when they feel good, and this will shine through quickly if you let it.

Sex In The Morning

If you’re not a morning person, maybe your sexy start to the day could be made easy with some simple and undemanding positions. Spooning is a great one for minimal effort but multiple pleasures for both of you Bad breath in the morning is a definite no no and a whopping turn off for either of you. So why not keep and apple and a glass of water next to your bed each night so you are always prepared for your sexy start to the day. The deliciously sweet and crunchy fruit will help to awaken your senses and freshen your breath while the water will swill away any unwanted remnants of your snack. You can encourage your partner to join in by gently stroking the apple across their lips to wake them.

Your mans upper thigh is a very sensitive area, so if you don’t want to dive straight into the motions full throttle, start with soft circular caresses and if he doesn’t already have a morning glory, he soon will. Remember that sex in the morning is emotional for both of you, so treat him with tenderness while he is still drowsy. We all like surprises, so why not treat your man to a spontaneous quickie before he has to dash off to work. Quickies are a delightfully sexy start to the day. You could arouse yourself in the shower and when you emerge all glistening and goddess like, he won’t be able to resist you. You could even ask him to come and watch through the frosted glass as you touch yourself, ensuring your mornings pleasure.

Sex in the morning is something all relationships shouldn’t take for granted. Once you start you will immediately feel the benefits at work.

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