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More Power to Mommy!

As a mommy, there must’ve been innumerable times when you’ve wished for an additional pair of hands, quick fix solutions for dealing with stress and fussy kids, and some magical devices. I’m sure you’ve had many people suggesting cool baby tips and practical parenting techniques to simplify your life.

Here are some of my humble suggestions for parenting techniques. I hope they help you maintain your sanity while navigating through your strenuous day.

Daily Issues

Let’s have a look at a usual day in the life of mommies. Because it’s a Monday morning, everything is a little behind the schedule. Your second grader is complaining because his classmate polished off his juice at recess last Friday. The toddler is howling because she cannot get to the last few milk drops of her sippy cup. The baby has started teething and is now biting at a precious object. Oh my god – so much to handle!

Take a few deep breaths. I have some baby tips to offer. Maybe there will be bad Mondays in future occasionally, but I hope they’ll not be as bad.

Daily Solutions

Yourself first! In emergencies, you need to put on the oxygen mask yourself before helping others! Grab a hair tie and get your hair out of the way.

Now first let’s handle the baby. Put on a cool non-toxic necklace which is made especially for teething babies. Since it is soft, the baby will enjoy her chomps while you enjoy her quietness and look trendy too!

Now it’s about handling junior. A measure that’ll hold you in good stead is keeping stick-on labels handy. Quickly grab one and stick it onto his bottle. Now no one can ever claim his juice. If you get those cute labels with smileys and things, your kids will love them!

Next, that noisy toddler struggling with a few drops of milk. Get one of those cool cups with weighted straws. They allow kids to easily access the very last drops at the bottom of the cup.

Errand Time!

Busy Moms WorkingWhen the kids are finally off, it’s time for running errands. For time saving and greater power, I suggest carrying a few of those sturdy handles that allow you to carry multiple bags in each hand more conveniently. So your trips between the grocery store and car are minimal.

Also your well-manicured, slender fingers are protected against the weight of 12 grocery bags while baby clings to you and your chewable necklace.

Back Home!

Try to get some rest when baby sleeps; even superheroes like you need to recharge. Get ready for more challenges when you awaken!

About Stacy Mathews

Stacy is a college student who is currently studying to become a writer. She's an animal lover and enjoys playing with her 4 baby chihuahuas. She loves looking at art and studying different cultures and she speaks fluently in German and French. She enjoys writing about things she's passionate about.
Author: Stacy Mathews


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