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Why It’s Not Realistic to Look Like The Girls On TV

Women have historically been hung up, and even obsessed with models on TV. It has destroyed their perception of themselves, damaging their own view of their body image, and created weird and unrealistic goals for future women of the world to live up to. The standard brought forth by the thin people on the screen has fueled the obsession of a model in many women today. We’re here to say that obsession needs to end, and here are five reasons why:

Photoshop1. Those women aren’t real. Have you ever heard of Photoshop? It’s what the editors use on the photograph to edit the quality, lighting, and look of a picture. Not only does this program edit the picture, it edits the person inside it. Photoshop has been used to airbrush and even erase certain parts of the body for models in their pictures! The women your seeing in that body image, that create the obsession of a model are false. These women are altered, and are not really as thin and shapely as they seem. [Read:The 9 Most Unnecessary Instances Of Celebrity Photoshop]

2. It’s their job to stay thin. Models are literally paid to maintain a certain weight, or they don’t get work, not do they get paidPretty Girl to strut their stuff down the catwalk. Don’t let their thinness destroy your body image – if you were getting paid t eat a few carrot sticks and endure hours of workouts to keep the fat off, you might be a little more motivated, too. But for women with regular lives to live and who must realize not being stick-thin is perfectly healthy, the obsession of a model is unrealistic.

3. It’s unhealthy. Put plainly, being too thin is unhealthy. Anorexia is a big problem in the fashion model industry, though kept quiet, and it is a standard to which no man or woman should ever aspire. Health is much more important that a socially acceptable body image. [Read: Want to be a model? Eat some tissues and workout seven hours a day!]

4. It will ruin your self esteem, and it will also ruin your view of your body image. Women are so different when it comes to body size, shape and structure. But, all are beautiful. The damages outweigh the benefits when it comes to obsessing over models. [Read: Celebrity vs Real Life Celebrities]

5. It’s an unrealistic goal. Quite simply, most healthy women are not naturally born to be as thin as fashion models and certain actresses. Keep in mind that many of these young women are starving themselves, and aren’t maintaining a weight in a healthy way. Their weight isn’t healthy period. It’s not worth it to sabotage your health to look thin, especially when that thinness may not even be attainable.

Forget the model obsession, and focus on your own beautiful body image. Exercise, eat right, and get yourself in shape, and the feeling of making yourself healthy will far outweigh your desire to be like the skinny models. Don’t be them – they already exist – be you!

Tell us why you think women should stop obsessing over skinny models!

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