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5 Helpful Tips to Making Her Happy

The infamous question that comes from the minds of men all over the world: What do women want? Pleasing her, whether she’s your wife, girlfriend, or even just your best friend, can be one of the toughest concepts for men to figure out. Making her happy seems like it might become a big task, but you’ll be surprised to see how far the simple things will go. Try these five helpful tips to get you on her good list:

 1.) Listen to Her: Sometimes making her happy is as simple as listening to what she has to say, and really hearing her. Are you leaving your dirty laundry on the floor? She’s asking you to pick it up, so do it! Is she frustrated about you forgetting about that dinner with her parent last weekend? Apologize, open up to her, and hear what she has to say. Her requests and hang ups usually have a source. Pleasing her means letting her words go in one ear and keeping them there!

 2.) Surprise her with a nice date night: A night out on the town or snuggled up on the couch watching a gushy romantic comedy is a great way to make her feel special. Depending on what your woman wants or tends to like doing, she may have different ideas about a successful date night. Does she like going out to socialize? Plan a night at a bar or club, perhaps inviting some of her friends. Dinner at a restaurant might be good for low-key women who like to go out. If she’s more the type to spend quality time, pleasing her might simply mean ordering Chinese food and asking what movies she’d like to watch. If you know your woman well enough, this idea will do wonders for your relationship!

 3.) Be patient during arguments: Of course, a fight is never a woman’s fault – all men must understand that. If you let her yell and rave, and give her time to cool off to have a better conversation, you will make her happy without even lifting a finger.

 4.) Do what you say you’ll do: This one is a no-brainier. If you say you’re going to take out the trash, do it. If you promise to go food shopping or send the mail out, it would be wise to stick to it. Be a man who follows up and does what he promises, and she will never forget it!

5.) Tell her you love her:  This is the best and surest wayto make a woman happy. If it is ever day implied, saying it out loud to her will reassure her that she has a good man by her side.

So guys, if you’re desperately concerned about pleasing her, taking heed to the above suggestions will surely make her happy. It takes time and effort, and you’re woman is surely worth that! If you want her to know that you love her, pleasing her will be the first step in proving that.

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