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How To Get The Most Out Of Your Third Date

Third date tips are hard to come by. You can find millions of great (and sometimes not-so-great) ideas and tips for the first and the second dates. But what about the third date? Why is it often neglected? After all, the third date is equally important and often determines the fate of your budding relationship.

In this article you will find tried and trusted third date tips to make the most of that special occasion.

What if He Doesn’t Call You?

Relationship TipsNow this is something that puzzles every woman. It may cause some heartache as well. Guys sometimes disappear after a date. If you feel that he is missing in action, you have two options. Play it by the rules and don’t call him. If he really likes you, he will definitely call you. But if you really like him and he doesn’t call even after several days, you could perhaps pick up your phone and make a call. If he was also desperately waiting for you to call, this simple gesture will definitely take your relationship forward. But what if he really wasn’t interested in you? Well, that is a possibility. If you are certain that he really is not into you, forget about him.

Believe in Yourself

If you have already been through three comfortable dates, it is clearly an indication that he is interested in you. So even if you don’t receive his calls immediately, don’t kill yourself. He is perhaps waiting for you to call first 

Don’t Get Too Cozy

So you have gone on three dates with him. But it is still too early to call him your boyfriend.  If you act like he is your boyfriend, he might think that you are too clingy.  This could damage your relationship. Maintain a safe distance and keep emotions in control. [ Read: Can A Relationship Get Cozy Too Quickly?]

Keep Your Dates Short

You really like him, but it’s best to keep your dates short. Don’t spend too much time with him. If your dates are always on the shorter side, he will want more. Also avoid getting physically intimate with him on your initial dates.[Read: 4 Suggestions for More Memorable Dates]


An article on third date tips wouldn’t be complete without this little piece of advice. A date is not about getting him to think that you are good enough for him. It is about finding someone you can spend the rest of your life with. So besides his looks and financial status, think about his character as well.


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