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How Do You Get a Girlfriend If You Are Shy and Have Low Self-Esteem?

Approaching A Girl Getting a girlfriend is the easiest thing in the world for some guys and they might even have more than one girlfriend at the same time. They are naturals at it and have the confidence that women really like. And there are guys who are very shy and have low self-esteem and therefore find it difficult to find women. The major problem is that these guys dig a hole for themselves and the less they try to interact with women, the more serious the problem gets. So how do you get a girlfriend

Most of the guys who struggle to find confidence when being around women, think their irrational fears are very rational. This happens to people all the time. For example, if there are 3-4 people in a car and outside the car are a couple of dogs barking, and one of the people says, “Maybe we should stay inside just in case” you are less likely to get out. This is really an irrational fear. Dogs bark because, well, they are just dogs. Just because you believe that you are not good enough to have a girlfriend, doesn’t mean it is true.

If you want to know how do you get a girlfriend, you need to go OUT and get a girlfriend. There are plenty of very beautiful single women out there, who are looking for a nice guy like you. Having the courage to go out and to meet and talk to women, is the most important step. And for this you need confidence, which I am sure you don`t have much of. Some guys are born with this confidence and some are not. Your confidence can also go away very quickly. What guys tend to forget, is that confidence is really a skill and you can learn it. Once you are confident, everything else becomes naturally.

You are unique! There is only one of you in the whole universe. Since you are unique, you are different from other guys; you have your own thoughts, philosophies, hobbies, skills and so on. You need to bring out this uniqueness and show it to women. Women are drawn to interesting and mysterious guys, so try to be one. Don`t be afraid to be a little different from others.

It is also essential to show interest in a woman. Woman like it when someone is interested in them. If you see a woman you are interested in, find out what she is wearing. If she is wearing ear rings, then compliment her about them and say how well these ear rings fit her. This creates a great first impression and it is much easier to move on from there!

How do you get a girlfriend for a real relationship? So many guys try to “charm“ women to get them to have sex with them. When they do that they make things up and act arrogant. This might work if you are looking for a one night stand, but if you really want a relationship, you need to be honest and humble. Be honest with your compliments and really mean when you say them. Don`t be someone you are not, just enhance the person you already are!



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