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How To Be More Attractive To Women

Every guy would like to know how to be more attractive to women! Just like women want to be more attractive to men! It can be very confusing to know exactly how you are suppose to act like or look like, to attract women. There are so many so called “experts” who think they know everything! Very often the more you read about dating women and attracting women, the more complex things get and the more you start to worry!

I think it is important to keep things simple, because meeting and dating women should be simple and fun. If you want to be more attractive women, you need to be different from the rest of the guys and you also need to understand why women very often act strange or just are mean. I am sure you have noticed that when you try to approach a woman, you get a very hostile and impolite response. If you are a nice guy and you are trying to be friendly.

So if you try to approach a woman and have a conversation with her and she is rude, mean and impolite, it either makes you want to leave right away or you get emotional. It is certainly very confusing for men, when women act like this because they do not understand why! And there is a very specific and good reason for this behavior.

approaching-a-girlBeautiful women get approached by men all the time and as you can imagine it can be quite annoying when another guy tries to “seduce” a woman. So what women do, is test you! This means that they say something really rude, impolite or unexpected just to see how you will react. In such a situation you do not want to become emotional, get angry and start thinking that all women are bitches because they act like this. And you of course do not want to leave. So if you want to know how to be more attractive to women, you must understand that this is just a test.

What you need to do, is not to get caught up in the emotions and the drama. It means you need to maintain your masculinity and composure. What women try to do is make men uncomfortable, so they can weed out the wimps from the men!

If you want to learn how to be more attractive to women, when you meet one, you must act differently in such a situation. So for example you approach a woman and want to buy her a drink and she says something nasty. Your response would be something like this: “I totally get it why you act so mean and nasty. I mean you are a beautiful woman and guys approach you all the time and of course you don´t want to deal with most of the jerks. I get it! But I just want to buy you a drink and have a good conversation, is it okay?” The main thing is not to get upset, frustrated and all emotional when women do this and just ignore it and move on.


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