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How to Break Unhealthy Dating Habits

Dating 101 said that the world of dating may offer great chances to meet new people and try new things.  But often when reflecting on our personal dating experience on our dating experience is a great way to improve dating outcomes and benefits from new experiences.  Perhaps this is the time to make a resolution to change some of our bad dating habits.

Define What You’re Looking For In a Spouse 

It might be helpful to make a list of qualities that you want in a dating partner.  But rather than focus on characteristics that are superficial like color of eyes or hair, try listing genuine qualities that are important – like kindness, thoughtful, funny or caring.  On while we are at it, identify what Dating 101 calls “deal breakers.  Those  are problems or habits that you don’t think you could live with, like someone who drives really fast and recklessly, drinks alot, has a large amount of debt, didn’t go to college – you get the picture – things that you just don’t want to deal with.  No one should ever compromise on those ideas that are important to them.

Set Some Ground Rules

Often it is too easy to not remember how we should  be treated in a relationship.  Before you enter a relationship know what is suitable and what is not suitable. Make certain you are spending your days with a person who not only reverences your boundaries, but also supports your happiness and safety. The person you date needs to make you feel great about yourself. If this isn’t what is happening then it is time to break bad dating habits.

Re-think Where You Tend to Look for Dates

If you are only going to bars and clubs to meet someone then perhaps you are doing a dis-serve to yourself.  Though you are assured a chance to mix with many singles, they may not have the same life goals or relationship expectations. Expand your search to your school, church, or gym. Ask family members and friends if they might get you a date with a person they know who may be a good match or try online dating websites. Both of these encourage pre-screening any possible dating partners so that you don’t have to!  Another bad dating habit to break!

Maintain High Standards.

In the past, you may have discovered yourself in a relationship with someone who was just not right for you or did not have the same hopes. Be choosy. If you are thinking about settling down, elude those dates that have a history of only casual affairs and don’t have the longing for a relationship that is serious. Remember that you do not need to negotiate on what you want and need in any  relationship.

Appraise your present dating habits and get on the road to breaking bad habits and to meet someone who shares the same values and goals with you. And remember to enjoy yourself! If you are meant to be together –  it will work out but only after you break some bad dating habits.

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