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How to Make the Right First Impression

When two people meet for the first time, all it takes is just a 3 second glance for them to decide whether they like you or not. In this very small time frame that person develops an opinion about you that is based on appearance, demeanor, body language, and about how you are dressed.  First impressions are lasting impressions so you only have one chance to make a great impression. The first impression may be very difficult to undo or reverse, therefore you need to make sure that you are making the right first impression because it sets the atmosphere for all that is to follow.

Whether it’s a first date or a job interview– that first impression is always  important. If it’s a job interview, never be late, dress appropriately for the person you are interviewing with, focused your attention on the interviewer, be polite, and always answer a question while maintaining eye contact with your interviewer. Remember that your first impression is what makes you stand out above all the others that were interviewed that day.

Its just as important for a first date – never be late, be dressed nicely and appropriate for wherever you are going to go, be polite, be yourself and focus your attention on your date.

There are several tips for making the right first impression on a first date:


Here is some advice for a first date. Use the name of the new acquaintance frequently as this shows that you have been paying attention from the very start. Mentioning the other person’s name during the conversation makes it more personal.

You can use humor to make the conversation more fun and to make your date laugh, but be careful with it, even though a joke or two might be a great icebreaker, stay away from sarcastic remarks that often backfire. After all you don’t know hows ensitive your date is, and telling constant jokes could establish barriers you can’t overcome, either now or later. So keep the jokes to a minimum.

Get past the small talk. You know, that chit chat about the weather! Start by tapping into the other person’s passions by asking open-ended questions about their hobbies. Get to know the person while you are on your first date. Most importantly if you are a guy is to listen more than you talk. Women like men that listen to what they have to say. So listen up!

It seems that the best first impression is like giving the other person a “sample” of who you are.  If the first impression is dull, boring or predictable – you’ve already lost your date and your date will go away with that negative impression of you. If you act common, the date will see you as just another person – nothing special.  If your approach is light-hearted, confident as well as funny, then your date will likely want to see you.

Just as first impressions are important in job interviews or in the business world, they are just as important on a first date. Therefore if you want to get a second date, you need to make a great first impression and make your date feel special.

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