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We all need her, adore her and cherish her. Men should realize the things they need to do in order to make the important women in their lives feel cherished, loved, appreciated, happy and cared for. However, it is quite unfortunate that most men in the present century take their women for granted. There are things that you need to do as a man, like adhering to a prescribed protocol of a gentleman when it comes down to treating a lady. By being a gentleman, you are sure to not miss an opportunity of treating your lady with every deserved courtesy and respect.

Here are some tips that you can use in order to access love from your lady and experience an amazing relationship for as long as it lasts, how to treat a lady in a relationship;

First, be yourself and treat yourself respectfully. This sounds ironic, doesn’t it? Considering that we are talking about how to treat your lady and not you in a relationship. Love yourself first, though to some it might seem a selfish thing to do. If you can’t love yourself, how then do you expect to love other people? This is something that most men have trouble with. Most of us men respect ourselves, and we are very good at thinking that we are amazing, but when it comes to loving ourselves, that becomes little bit hard. [Read: Six Questions to Ask to Experience an Amazing Relationship]

The next step is to show her that you love for who she is and that you appreciate everything she is. Our ladies have the qualities, which we all love in them, perhaps yours is rich, smart, inspirational, sexy, or funny. This should not be the reason as to why you love her; you should love her for her, nothing more. This shows that your affection towards her is unconditional; it is not attached to any special qualities. You truly love her!

treating-a-girl-specialGet to know her in the best way possible. Most people in relationships fail to understand that love can only grow and deepen where through better understanding of your partner. Understanding ladies is quite a task to undertake as they are not that simple. For this reason, you shouldn’t imagine that you have reached a point where you think you know everything about her.  As a man in the relationship, you need to love her while at the same time make every effort to get to know her with the uttermost determination and patience.[ Read: How To Build a Long Lasting Relationship]

Lastly, pay attention to her. Men get easily lost in what they are doing as they tend to be focused and directed. This to some women is one of the qualities they love in their men, but it has it should not be top the extent that they feel excluded. Any lady needs attention all the time. It is important that as much as you love doing what you doing, it is advisable that you find a balance that shows your partner that she is more important than what you are doing without losing the passion you have for what you are doing.

So readers, what do you think? Do you have any other suggestions you would like to add to this post? How have you been treated in your past or present relationships and what can you share with the community?



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