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My Secret Life: An Erotic Diary of Victorian London – Read at Your Own Risk

Who says Victorians are strict or uptight about their sexual lives? Yes, they may seem to conceal all their thoughts about sexuality within themselves. However, in My Secret Life: An Erotic Diary of Victorian London written by an anonymous writer depicts a Victorian gentleman and his sexual experiences with all types of partners. Victorians are not so strict about sex after all…

Girl Reading Book Okay, so this is absolutely one of the most bizarre and weirdest books I’ve ever read. No wonder the author remains to be anonymous to this day. I mean, I just can’t believe how anyone can come with this type of material. It’s unreal, disrespectful, and absolutely perverted. I will explain more about my opinions throughout the summary of the book, but now you must be asking “What exactly is this book about?”

My Secret Life is an erotic diary that accounts the sexual life of an English gentleman during the late Victorian age.  This is originally an 11 volume set, but if you go out and get the “An Erotic Diary of Victorian London” version than it is all there for you. Furthermore, there are some websites on the Internet that has all 11 volumes for you to discover. Okay, moving on with the short summary.

Once you start chapter 1, he begins by telling us his first recollections of sexual experiences when he was about 5 to 8 years of age. Once I read that, I’m definitely thinking to myself this can’t be true, cant it? Unfortunately, he jumped right into his sexual encounters when he was that age about some nursemaid feeling on his privates. If this is already too much for you, then this is definitely not for you since this is only a glimpse of the sexual content.

Furthermore, he discusses in great detail (I mean as erotic as can be) about his sexual encounters with numerous partners. Some examples of his sexual encounters range from the local whores to the little girls and even the young men and relatives. Please be aware that he uses a lot of vulgar and inappropriate words that I think may offend some of you. Now that you get a good idea of what My Secret Life: An Erotic Diary of Victorian London is all about then please read at your own risk. Don’t say I didn’t warn you!

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