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Overcoming Possessive Tendencies in Your Relationship

We have all felt the burden of jealousy in our lives, whether we have a jealous nature or not. And whether or not it has been proven that the jealousy was justified or not it is important not to allow this emotion to consume your life.

It doesn’t help that today’s media are constantly attempting and succeeding in tempting people into thinking they want unobtainable people and objects. This breeds envy in people without them truly knowing why they are feeling this way and so this confusion of emotions can lead to frustration and uncharacteristic actions in people.

It is very important not to allow jealousy in relationships to build up. If you are having envious feelings it is very important to talk about this with your partner. They could put your mind at ease or give you a confession, at least you will know exactly where you stand and whether you’re envious feeling are based on good instincts or bad judgment.

If you know from experience that your or your partner can be easily become the green eyed monster there are many things you can do to control the jealousy in your relationship and it is important that you hone these natural feeling so that you can both move forwards.

Constant envious feelings are consuming and can lead to health problems such as stress, insomnia and eating disorders, anxiety attacks and high blood pressure. This is why facing your demons as soon as possible is the best solution.

Some people find the jealousy in their relationship is triggered by similar things and that talking with a therapist and working through their problems can really help.

relationship-adviceYou cannot forget that your partner is an individual and that they must maintain the right to their own free will. If your envious feelings affect their everyday life then they have every right to try and walk away if you don’t try to do something about it. Relying on your instincts is a necessity in life, but you are only human, as is your partner and you both have equal capacity for making mistakes.

If your partner has been sneaking behind your back or just down right winding you up then it is time to reconsider your position, you may be better of without them. But don’t let this experience continue into other relationships you have, you must leave the past behind you and move on. Jealousy in relationships should not become a frequent pattern in your life.

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Author: Summer H.


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