Realizing You Are Living With Abuse

Realizing You Are Living With Abuse

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There are a wide variety of abusive relationships and situations in where people do not realize they are abused by or abusing someone.

In many instances the abused feels they deserve the punishments inflicted by the abuser for not meeting their expectations. But the harsh truth is that in an abusive relationship the abused will never do enough to please the abuser because the abuser is suffering from anger issues that can only be resolved by visiting trained professionals regularly.Abusive relationships don’t only involve adults but can involve any age group, gender and race. It is important that if you think you know someone who is in an abusive relationship you should speak to a professional before trying to get involved; you may only make the situation worse and endanger yourself, especially if the abuser has serious anger issues.

You are not only in an abusive relationship if you or your partner is physically violent. Abuse can also emotional, this means making the abused feel humiliated and constantly putting them down, giving extreme mixed feelings or creating aggressive tension with actions that don’t include physical assaults.Abuse can also be sexual. If you have been forced or have forced anyone to commit a sexual act they are were not comfortable with, this can range from touching, kissing, photography and verbal suggestions all the way to intercourse, then you have been involved with sexual abuse and should seek professional help immediately.

Here are a few tale-warning signs that often lead to abusive relationships, keep them in mind to try and avoid getting snared in the trap. If you meet someone who instantly wants you to commit to them, be vary wary. Steer clear of a person who shows early signs of anger issues, even if they are not directed at you to start with. They may try to stop you visiting friends or family, even going to work by creating a situation where you feel guilty for not wanting to do as they say.

Some abusers expect the abused to cater to their every whim and get aggressive if they cannot meet their ever changing and exceedingly more difficult expectations. Look out for signs that a person cannot admit to their own faults. Someone who cannot admit to their own wrong doing and can only blame others for their misfortune or ill feeling could at any time turn this aggressive behavior towards you and snare you in an abusive relationship.

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