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It is a general feeling that most of us have as we go through our daily challenges; the feeling of not wanting to be alone. The fact is that there is no perfect relationship that exists. Is it unfortunate that we as human beings find ourselves in such ‘not-perfect relationships’? In my opinion, I find the challenges facing each relationship to be what makes it worth having in the first place. The thrill that comes with trying to make it work makes the whole relationship adventurous. So if you are having a relationship and you are not willing to work through the problems then there are high chances you are in a wrong relationship.

Relationship Problems and how to solve them

Some of the most common relationship problems include the following;

1. Cheating

It is the most heartbreaking thing and one of the leading factors known to contribute to the end of many relationships. What many couples don’t understand is that, in my opinion, there’s so much that goes into cheating and its continuance can lead to more problems and in the end, as stated, ends the relationship. If you happen to suspect that your partner is cheating on you, the first step is to confirm the suspicions because a slight chance might exist that he or she is not cheating. However, if he or she is cheating indeed, then you are free to choose which way forward is best for you.

The options are either to stay put in the relationship, make it work by looking at ways in which you can rebuild the lost trust in your partner or you may decide to leave if in your opinion, the cheating is too much of an offense to bear. Read: How To Get Over a Heartbreak

2. Little or lack of communication

Communication is the key to a successful relationship as it helps you understand what your partner is feeling. The reason as to why many relationship fail or rather fail to prosper to greater heights is attributed to little or lack of communication between the involved parties. In most cases, lack communication hides what other problems that may be facing the relationship. The solution to this type of relationship problem is to find ways in which you voice your outlook and let your partner what you are feeling about the relationship.

3. Being controlling

A relationship should be a two-way traffic and on that note, both partners have an equal say on how the relationship should be ‘governed’, if I may say so. A relationship should be nurtured in a way that considers the view of both parties.  However, it is very unfortunate that being controlling makes it to the list of common relationship problems.

It is normally when one partner wants to control every aspect of it leaving the other partner with totally no say in the whole relationship. This thus presents itself as a major problem and it is best to deal with it as soon as possible. In case you are in such a relationship, the best way forward is to let the other partner know your opinion on the issue and be clear on it.

Over To You: Readers,  what do you think is the best way to solve relationship problems?  What tips can you share with the community?

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