The Key to Maintaining the Bond between You and Your Partner

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Have you ever dove into a new relationship with abandon, without second thought, or almost unwittingly? Or have you spent years cultivating a deep, meaningful bond with someone you love, enjoying their company and humor every step of the way?

Feeling like you’ve found a true companion, even perhaps “The One,” is a miraculous feeling. We’re never thinking about how to fix the relationship if it goes awry, because in our minds, it won’t. However, the bliss and fulfillment of a good partnership can’t survive on its own. The time you invest into maintaining the bond can’t start to wilt away like that forgotten flower on the window sill that hardly gets watered anymore. A broken relationship will not mend on its own. If you’re seriously invested in your partner, these are five essentials that will help restore the bond you and your lover once built. Here’s our best advice on how to fix a relationship:

Communicate: The key to a good relationship is good communication. No one is a mind-reader, so in order to be understood you must speak, and in order to understand you must listen. Sit down and talk. Ask about the other person’s needs, and don’t hold back in expressing your own. This is how to fix a relationship at the core.

Be Pro-Active: Now that they’ve told you how they feel, it’s time to step up to the plate. If you need to make more time for each other, do it. Set aside time for a date, even if it simply means coming home for dinner or sitting down for a movie night after work. This is a small step that will maintain the bond between you and your partner. If something comes up that will interfere with your plans, again, you must communicate that. Call – don’t text — your partner, apologize for canceling, and be sure to reschedule before you hang up the phone. Your partner will see that you’re making an effort.

Compromise: A relationship involves two people, not one, and both partners should accommodate the other when they can. Compromise, in this case, will be necessary. Can’t decide on a movie? Let her decide. Having difficulty on agreeing where to have dinner? Give him the choice. Fixing a relationship and maintaining a bond is about restoring the balance, and making both partners feel they have an equal part in the relationship.

Have Fun: Once you get back into the swing of things, you’ll find it easier to relax again. Go out for drinks together with friends. Visit family and play around with your nieces and nephews. Tell an embarrassing story. If you can get the other to laugh with you, you’ll be in good shape.

Forgive: If your desire to fix your relationship is due to a deep, genuine love, you must find it in your heart to forgive your partner of their shortcomings. If they did something to wound you, to chip away at the bond you’ve forged, you must decide whether or not you can look past their mistakes and move forward together. If you can both do that, your relationship is certainly fixable.

Saving and maintaining the bond between you and your significant other is not impossible. It doesn’t even need to be difficult. For a love that started out strong and unwavering, there is almost always a way to fix a relationship. If you and your partner had once shared a healthy and happy atmosphere, it’s never too late to make it right.

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