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Why Lust & Sex Hardly Convert Into A Relationship – The Plain Truth!


Lust and sex do go hand in hand. However, love and sex, also does go hand in hand to. Therefore, why can’t love and sex be converted into a real relationship that means something? Sometimes, it depends on the two people who are in the relationship, and if both of them do develop feelings for each or not. This isn’t always a possibility between two people who are just having casual sex and that is it. This is because both parties may not want to fall in love. However, this is not saying it is impossible, because anything is possible. It’s just that it doesn’t happen all the time. Casual relationships are those relationships that come with no strings attached.

The Problem:
Guys can have a very hard time when it comes to separating love and sex. For some men it can actually be the same thing, or feel like the same thing, when in reality they are two different things. However, the problem is this, and that is physically and emotionally are tied in for some men. Lust and sex do indeed have a defining association. Nonetheless, so do love and sex, and the only way a man can ascertain if he has deep feelings for a woman is to refrain from sex right away. This way he does know if he has true feelings for her or not. This doesn’t mean that they cannot or don’t experience love, because they can and do, it’s just a hard thing to express once sex is wrapped up in it to. So, with this said, the problem only becomes all the more bigger and complex for him. Lust and sex cannot convert into a relationship right off. Feelings are something that take time to grow. They don’t just happen over one night of sex together. [Read: How to Make a Relationship Better, More Exciting and More Satisfying!]

The Solution:
The first step is try to know ahead of time what will happen between you and her. Don’t engage in sex right away. Take some time to spend some time together just getting to know each other. Cultivating true feelings means sharing some quality time with a person that you do like a whole lot. Sometimes, this does help to break the lust and sex barriers down, and open two people up to something far deeper inside. True feelings can sometimes hide and the only way to reveal them is to let them out freely. This is a process that can take a bit of time. Making a connection last can sometimes be a hard thing. Especially if it is a connection that is based on lust and sex at first. However, this is not saying two people cannot fall in love, as anything is possible in this world if you keep your mind and heart open to possibilities. [Read: How to Make Your Relationship Work]

Lust and sex do belong together side by side. Nonetheless, so does love and sex, which is a much better combination. It’s not just about getting physical and satisfying sexual appetite and pleasure. It’s also about satisfying the love that two people feel for each other in their heart and soul. Sex for two people not in love is just a mechanical act. Sex for two people in love is a coming together in feeling and in a unity that is special beyond special. Don’t go straight to bed with her willy-nilly. If anything, talk to her in a meaningful way, and in meaningful conversations that can help turn lust to love. When you keep a woman that you like at arm’s length, it will help to make her crave you emotionally, and when you do finally bond with her physically the bond will be a truly unbreakable one indeed. Lust and sex are nothing more than cravings. Once the needs for sex has been met, men do feel emotionally satisfied, as well as, physically satisfied. So, with this said, what do they need with love? Therefore, the best way for him to build love with a woman he really likes, is to build the love before the sex takes place. This is the only way that love can happen in a relationship.

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