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Safety Concerning Spray Tanning Process

There are many people who want a better skin tone but don’t have enough time so they go for spray tanning. But there have been several “accidents” related to spray tans, which makes me think are spray tans really good? I believe if you want a nice shiny tone to your skin, just put on some good sunscreen and hit the beach. What problems can spray tans cause? Let’s see…

According to medical reports, these sprays contain a chemical known as dihydroxyacetone which has been said to induce certain genetic mutation when it is applied on animal skin. Since no such experiments were conducted on humans, it is difficult to determine if similar genetic changes will occur in people. But whatever the studies reported was alarming an there should be more studies on spray tans and their effects.

According to Dr. Rey Panettieri, toxicologist as well as lung specialist from Pennsylvania University, components of the spray may also promote development of malignancy as well as cancer in certain cells. In such a scenario, people must be made aware of the harmful effects of spray tanning. Government agencies have restricted the use of the spray just for external use and prohibited using it in a form which may be inhaled, ingested, or even applied to lips. They also advise that the product should not be applied on areas surrounding the eyes.

However the above restrictions were in place when DHA was being used as component of tanning lotions. Its safety in form of spray in the tanning booths is yet to be investigated. Most pressing concerns are the fear of experts concerning DHA being a potential cause of lung cancer, when inhaled. Several studies also indicate that while spray tanning, a minimal amount of the chemical is also absorbed by the body. Initially the experts had suspected the product to be active on dead cells of the skin only.

When going in for spray tanning, it is advised to protect the eyes and the mucous membrane that is present in the mouth, nose, and eyes. It is important to avoid any form of inhalation or intake of the chemical. Most workers at the tanning salons are ignorant concerning the safety requirements in case of DHA and offer either no or poor protection to the customers.

So what did you learn from the story? Say no to spray tans and instead scoot off to the nearest beach with some good sunscreen lotion and have a happy day there.



Author: Summer H.


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