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Some Awesome Beauty Shortcuts

Make-up can get tiring and you may not have time for it every day. Here are some amazing shortcuts that will help enhance your beauty:

  • If you don’t want to blow dry your hair after a morning shower, don’t worry. There are many ways that you can use to perk up your damp locks very quickly. Use paper-towels or toilet paper to blot your hair and then let it air dry for about ten minutes. You can also use various products like a volumizing spray or a paddle brush to help achieve sleek hair.
  • If you are in a hurry but still need to apply make-up, then try this. With a neutral eye shadow, add a quick wash of color on the top lid and then use and eyeliner pencil which is to be quickly applied into the lash line. For a dramatic look, you can make an eyeliner wing.

Winter can make the hair go very dry. If your regular conditioner isn’t proving very effective, you can try using more than one product. Use a heavy conditioning mask at least once a week for very dry hair.

  • Why waste time with lipstick when nude lips are in. Concoct your very own nude lipstick by blending your regular foundation with a light pink lip gloss and Vaseline. For deeper tones, use a darker foundation and similarly for paler tones, use a light one.


  • If you do not have time to buy a dry shampoo and need a spot treatment, a little powder will do the job. Dab talcum powder or baby powder onto the roots for a quick fix to dry hair. If you don’t have either of these at hand, you can try paper toilet covers and face blotting papers.
  • In case you do not wish to buy new products, you can try being innovative and use the stuff you already have to camouflage white hair. Use mascaras to cover up hair flaws of for more obvious roots, you can try easy to use hair mascaras.
  • Vitamins play a vital role in maintaining healthy nails and hair. Regular intake of Biotin along with a balanced diet helps strengthen your nails and hair. Other fruits and vegetables such as bananas, carrots, etc. also contain this nutrient.
  • Professional whitening does not come highly recommended. You can bleach your teeth with hydrogen peroxide instead to gain a perfect bright smile. You can talk to your dentist about this.

Do you have some beauty shortcut tips you’d like to share?

Author: Summer H.


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