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This question may look like it has the easy answers. A couple of people in your life might come to mind when you’re looking for someone to turn to for advice in your relationship. The most obvious one is your best friend. Another could be a close relative, such as your mother or an aunt. If you’re a guy—you typically don’t even look for relationship advice. “I’m a man, I can handle this myself.” Fellas, you might not think those words exactly, but you know it’s true. Relationship guidance isn’t just for the ladies, but it’s for the men too. This article is going to take some unconventional approaches for who you should talk to when you need love relationship advice.

If you’re a well-spirited individual, and walk closely with religion, I bet you never would have thought of confiding in your pastor. Believe it or not, these individuals are specially trained in divinity to help you through the hardest times in life, including if you need some of relationship guidance. Couples have been brought closer together through inexpensive (if not free!) counseling through a pastor. Another good alternative, believe it or not, could be a total stranger. You can actually acquire a lot of relationship guidance from talking to a wide variety of people.

Take into consideration the idea of talking to only one individual. You have a best friend, let’s say, Ann Marie. Ann Marie has been cheated on by men in the past. She also has a 7 month old baby whose father wants nothing to do with her. Would she really be the best to consider when trying to find love relationship advice? Most likely not. She’ll be full of biased opinions and probably try to tell you that he (your boyfriend) is up to no good. If Ann Marie was the only person you ever confided in or talked to for some relationship guidance, it can be a pretty good guarantee that you’re not getting the advice you need. I’d start reaching out to other people. [ReadTop 10 Tips For Building Loving Relationships]

For love relationship advice, it might even be better yet, to try reaching out to individuals on all levels in life. I bet if you had some input from your pastor, mother, best friend, and a stranger at the bar whom you’ve hit it off with pretty quick—you’ll have plenty of feedback to consider. When you’re looking for relationship advice, one thing is apparent—you need somebody to talk to. Thousands of people seek love relationship advice all the time every day. You might even find yourself having something in common with somebody else out there who is going through the exact same thing you are. If you can effectively communicate your need for advice to others, the answers will start trickling in, and you’ll be set on the path you’d like to be in your relationship. Open up, be free, and seek the relationship guidance you so desperately need. Always remember that you are never alone.

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