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I Think I’m in Love, But Am I?

So how do you know if you are in love? That can be a tough and aggravating question to answer because it’s always difficult to gauge our feelings towards another person.

A lot of times we try to use our past feelings about partners and compare them to the way we may feel at the present moment. The major issue with that line of thinking though is that we may start to think of negative past experiences in the same light as our current feelings. We may start to say to ourselves that we felt this same way about someone else in the past and since they hurt us or the relationship ended badly that this isn’t a good feeling. That can be a dangerous thought process to go through.

Here are two questions that we can ask ourselves that will make it easier for us to answer the question of, ‘How do you know if you are in love?’

Happy Couple

1) How do they make you feel when you’re around them?

Do they make you extremely happy? Do they put a smile on your face the instant that you see them? These should be easy questions to answer but the purpose of answering them in your head right now is to bring together all your feelings about this person.

Did thinking about them right there make your heart beat faster? This is a gauge that I’ve used in the past for myself to determine my feelings about partners. If just thinking about them and what they do for you makes you smile and makes your heart beat a little faster than it’s safe to say that you’re in love.

2) How do they make you feel physically?

This one is a little tougher to determine because it’ll differ greatly depending on whether you’re already in a relationship with this person or if you’re trying to find out whether you should get in a relationship. I would suggest that if you can answer the first question in a positive manner than you should do what needs to be done to get into a relationship so you can answer this question (Yes, I know you’re scared but the best things in your life come from being bold and brave).

If you are in a relationship then how do they make you feel even when they are just scratching your back or rubbing your leg? I’m not really talking sexually here, because sex shouldn’t be confused with love, but how do they make you feel with simple physical touching?

Answering these two questions and thinking about the answers should be bringing about emotions that will quickly help you answer the question of whether you are in love or not. If you’re not having emotions take over your body at all than there is a good chance that you’re not in love.

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