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Winter is the season of passion and kindling warmth among young hearts. It is probably one of the most exciting parts of the year where everyone is excited about the festivities and magnificent weather. Having a date in a winter month can be quite exciting. Here are a few tips on what all one can do to make a winter date all the more enjoyable and fun.

For the adventurous ones, here are a few exciting date themes. Dating is all about having fun and enjoyment. Team up with few close couples. Even though this is the season you would want to hibernate in your comforter, try something exciting in a bowling club. Make teams and play with scores.

Here are a few tips for the classy ones. If you have bucks in your pocket, then head straight to a dandy casino. If cold temperatures are keeping you inside your cocoon then an extravagant casino night would keep your hearts throbbing. Few other getaways are an exotic spa or theatrical dramas.

For The Wine Lovers 

Wine Lovers EngagedBloggersTry going for tequila tasting. Not only will your body temperature rise up, but you will also get a chance to taste some amazing stuff. You can in fact even go to an ice bar. They are freezing cold, but a smoking hot place to be in during the winters. You can have a lot of fun there with a first date.

Planetarium Plans

As we know the festive season has begun, you will need some peaceful time to yourself to undo all the stress. One of the creative ways is by unwinding in a planetarium. The black sky filled with glittering stars splashed all over can be overly soothing and mesmerizing. It’s like lying with your date under the open sky.

Morning Walks


Take a morning walk or a jog through the foggy mist. As you jog, you can exchange views and talk about different things. This is both simple and fun as you get to know each other.


Snow Play


Snow is probably the most exhilarating part of this season. Plan a day out in the snow. Play around without any inhibitions. Show your date what you really are at your heart. After all, we all are little kids who have been hiding in the farthest closet of our heart.

Most importantly enjoy your date and make sure you have the best time ever.



Author: Summer H.


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