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Two Ways to Overcome Your Recent Break Up

Coping with a break up is one of the most devastating and emotional experiences that someone can go through in their lives. There was a time when it felt like it was going to last forever, and now out of nowhere, it’s just gone. You start thinking about those times that you laid there, staring into your girlfriend or boyfriend’s eyes and told them that you were going to marry them. At that time you truly believed it, you truly believed that you two were going to be together forever, and you exposed yourself and your emotions to them on a daily basis.

Now it seems like your life has turned completely upside down. You feel alone, and feel like there isn’t anyone else out there for you. You feel like that was it, that was your one and only chance to find love and have a long term relationship. One of the most important steps that you’re going to take as you continue coping with a breakup is to realize that all these feelings of doubt just simply aren’t valid. As much as you don’t want to believe it right now you will find someone else to love. You will get over the person that just broke your heart. You will have someone look in your eyes and tell you that they’re going to marry you. [Read: How to Make a Relationship Better, More Exciting and More Satisfying!]

Here are some things to think about as you continue on your journey of overcoming a recent break up:

1) Realize it’ll get better

You are sick of tired of hearing this. Everybody, everywhere, is saying this same thing to you and all you are thinking in your head is, ‘No, you don’t get it!!!’ But the reality is just about everybody goes through a pretty devastating break up at least once in their life, and they all realize that overcoming a recent break up comes with time. Right now the thoughts of loneliness are flooding your mind and you feel like nobody understands you or gets what you’re going through. But they do, and just like it did for them, it’ll get better for you.

2) Don’t get desperate

Desperation is the most unattractive trait in the world and when you are coping with a break up you are usually at your most desperate point. You’re usually bound to do one of two things, either immediately search for ways to get back with your ex or quickly find a replacement for them. Realize that both of these situations are subconscious coping mechanisms that people go through, and quickly let your conscious mind prevent yourself from going through either of them.

Avoiding desperation shows a lot of maturity and leaves your options open for the future. Allow yourself time to think about the relationship that you were just in and evaluate whether it’s something that can be re-kindled or if it’s something to let go of. Time heals most scars, allow it to also heal this one.


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