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What is Pilates? Does Pilates Have Any Benefits?

Did you know that there are more overweight people now compared to about ten years ago? Our lifestyle and quality of living has changed and now there are more parents working today. Before the man in the house was going out and earning a living. Now both parents try hard to earn a living and young kids are left on their own to choose and eat whatever they want. The sad part is that an overweight child will have a much bigger chance of being an overweight adult when that child grows up.

If you think that you are overweight and no matter what kind of diet you do, nothing seems to work, then it’s time to analyze your life and your daily activities. Are you dieting yet living a sedentary lifestyle? Have you thought of going to the gym and starting a fitness program? Well if you answered YES to these questions, then at least you are aware that something needs to be done.

One of the fastest ways to lose weight is to start monitoring your food intake and start a proper exercise program.  There are many kinds of activities to choose from. You can do aerobics, participate in a triathlon, go swimming, dancing or cycling. But active exercise is not for everybody. There are those who are unable to follow fast dance routines and some are afflicted with medical conditions that prevent them from participating in exercises like kickboxing or tae kwon do. If you are looking for an exercise that is not going to make you hop and jump up and down yet will have the maximum effect, why not try Pilates?


Pilates is an exercise program that has been developed by Joseph Pilates. This is popular in Germany, the United States and also in the United Kingdom. A method derived from the word “control” Joseph Pilates also calls Pilates “Contrology”.  Pilates is a routine that conditions the body by building up flexibility. It also trains you with strength and endurance exercises putting emphasis on the alignment of your spine and pelvic bones. This tones your legs, hips and arms too.  Proper breathing exercises are also taught to help relieve stress and to make sure there is an adequate supply of oxygen in the body.  Pilates also helps to improve body coordination through the use of exercises of various intensities.

Initially thought to dancers, this famous exercise is now being taught in various studios by experts.  There are also apparatuses and gadgets used in Pilates to help with resistance training. Some use springs to provide more resistance and these result in progressive resistance. The most famous apparatus used is called the Reformer. Some use the Cadillac or what is also known as the Trapeze table and others make use of chairs.

Pilates promotes six principles to help you benefit from this exercise program. Practitioners have now adopted the six original principles of Pilates which are concentration, control, center, flow, precision and breathing. You will develop your body coordination and muscle strength which will lead you to better health, long flexible muscles, and will help you achieve the body you have always wanted.

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