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Yoga exercises and Poses

It is an old Indian form of physical exercise that dates back to at least 5000 years ago. As a a form of exercise, Yoga has been found to be of not only great spiritual benefits but has also been associated with lots of physical benefits. There are many forms of Yoga but the most popular ones are Raja and Hatha whose popularity is much in the West than any other region in the world. Yoga is actually described simply as a way of getting oneself to embrace a disciplined way of life.

The amazing thing about yoga is the simplicity that it has. Yoga is everywhere, which is what I believe, in the morning for instance, when you get out of bed and you happen to stretch your arms, which is actually very common among many people, you already performed a yoga pose.  My understanding of yoga is that it is a form of art or rather exercise that aims at introducing a sense of mindfulness to the whole process of stretching. It therefore requires one to pay attention to how he or she is performing a given yoga pose. That is, he or she has to be keen on his or her body is aligned and in addition what feeling does that posture have on his/her body. [Read:What is Pilates? Does Pilates Have Any Benefits?]

What to Know About Yoga Poses and Their Benefits

YogaMany yoga poses feel very familiar even to a beginner and for one to be able to achieve that harmony with the environment and himself or herself, he or she has to unite the mind, body and spirit. Also one has to keep in mind that in order to unite all of the above mentioned aspects, there must be a some balance in the physical, spiritual and emotional life aspects. This balance can only be achieved through yoga poses in addition to meditation and breathing. Thus, it follows that the body and the mind are used entirely when practicing yoga exercises, as any of the yoga poses does not require the perseverance in the performance of each of the yoga asana but also requires a good deal of willpower.

Popular yoga poses include; Urdhva Hastansama which is requires an individual to inhale and bring his/her arms above the head. It is actually a simple yoga pose as it is basically that simple morning stretch but in this case, you are required to maintain a good alignment that you got going in the Tadasama (mountain pose). The Tadasama is another one of the simplest yoga poses that you will ever perform but you should be aware that it might not be that simple especially if you are a yoga beginner.

Yoga exercises and Poses

In conclusion, a regular practice of the above mentioned yoga postures can result to lots of benefits including benefit to both the body and mind plus bring about a balanced flow of energy in the body. Also, other benefits include the stimulation of internal body organs and general improvement of blood circulation.

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