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Avoiding Identity Theft When Signing Up For An Online Bank Account

Most banks now offer an online bank account as a complimentary part of your banking package. This can be a nice convenience for people who need to bank on the run, but it can also be a security risk if you are not careful. Any time you use your online banking account you should be conscious of a few security rules that will help protect your assets from prying eyes that have less than honorable intentions.

The-Online-Bank-AccountThe first step towards setting up your free online banking account should be to set up security. Make a password that is difficult to guess, and make sure it does not match any of your other passwords that you use regularly. Only enter your login information when you are browsing in a secure browser to ensure that someone cannot hack this information. Look for a lock symbol near the address of your online bank account, or enter “https://” instead of “http://” when you type in the name of your banking website. If your bank does not have these security measures in place, do not use it for online banking.

Be aware of how your bank will contact you about information in your online bank account. Ask if there are certain topics your bank will not send emails about, so you know if you are being stalked by a hacker. If you are not absolutely sure a correspondence has come from your bank, scan it with a virus software and talk to a representative from the institution before you open it or follow any instructions inside. Never respond to an email that asks you to send your ID, password, credit card numbers or other personal information. Any information that can be used to get into your online bank account will never be requested by your bank.

This may seem like an obvious warning, but do not use login to your online bank account in public. Only log into your bank account when you are sure that you are using a secure internet connection in a place where you can keep all of your information private. If you are in a coffee shop or walking down the aisle at the supermarket then anyone who walks by can see your personal information. So to be secure, wait until you are at home before you look at your online bank account.

Do you have any tips you’d like to share on how you can keep your online bank account safe and secure?

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