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Beware Of the iPhone 5 Map App

After long waits and longer lines, the iPhone 5 has finally been released, much to the delight of Apple fanatics, iPhone aficionados, and Apple stockholders. Unfortunately, just like Christmas morning, the excitement can quickly drain away and disappointment set in.

Naturally, the iPhone 5 shows an improvement over previous iterations of the device. boasting a full 4 inch display with 326 pixels per inch, a sleek design that is 18% thinner and 20% lighter than even the iPhone 4S, and Long Term Evolution browsing that allows for full 4G download speeds without sapping battery life. Since it bears a beginning price of only $200 – with a contract – it is hard for users to complain about it.

But Apple has long set the bar as high as possible, and the trouble with being the best is complaints fly so fast and furiously that Vin Diesel should star in them.

When the Glitch Hits the Map

The big complaint is the omission of Google Maps. This is due in no small part to the love lost between Apple and Google. Ever since Google’s Android became the hot new feature for smartphones, the relationship with Apple and Google has dissolved faster than most Hollywood marriages.

The previous iPhones came pre-loaded with the Google Maps App, allowing for quick navigation right out of the box. The iPhone 5 instead comes with an Apple designed map function that can be downright frightening.

Imagine if you wanted to visit a landmark such as the Hoover Dam in Nevada, or perhaps the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco. Well, you are going to have some trouble with the iPhone 5’s maps feature.

Melting Bay BridgeOne would suppose it would be possible to find an 8,900 foot bridge that spans a bay and is painted bright orange, or a 1,900 foot dam that holds a few trillion gallons of water. Apple’s map app would disagree with you, as it places the bridge far to one side, and omits the dam entirely. Odds are you can still find them by following the road signs, but these errors become downright scary when you start talking about navigation.

If you intend to receive turn by turn directions from the GPS on a phone that can’t find major landmarks, how likely is it to be able to get you to your aunt’s house in time for Thanksgiving dinner? No map program can be perfect, but many can recall the bad old days of Mapquest, wherein travelers would be led on strange, roundabout routes that required the ability to bend time and space if they expected to arrive on time.

Honestly, there was more expected of Apple than a problem that has not been seen since the turn of the millennium.

This bug is not enough to ruin iPhone-mas, and the Apple browser still lets users access Google maps, so fear not. Until the map is fixed be careful trusting it if you want to find, say, Mt. Rushmore or the Atlantic Ocean.

Do you or know anyone that has or owned an iPhone and has had this glitch with their map?

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