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Buying the Amazon Kindle Reader or a Tablet? Which Is The Better Buy?

New technology is constantly changing the way we read books and information. With devices such as tablets and eReaders you can now read anything on the go. We decided to find out what the best reading device is out on the market right now. To determine which reading device is the best, we need to determine the function of both devices by conducting a comparison between an Amazon Kindle Reader and a tablet.



Tablets are more versatile and can therefore be used for much more than reading eBooks. They are more like small computers and you can use them for a wide array of internet functions and entertainment functions as well.

Amazon Kindle Reader

Amazon Kindle Reader

eReaders on the other hand are more devoted to reading eBooks. Using your eReader, you have the ability to conveniently buy eBooks and download them for convenient reading. These devices have limited functions when it comes to accessing the internet and entertainment. While you have internet access, it is limited. Some eReaders however have an MP3 player which can at least provide you with some entertainment.

Tablet and eReader Reviews

Determining if the Amazon Kindle Reader is better than a tablet depends on several factors.

These are:

1. The Screen


Tablets and eReaders have different screens. Tablets have an LCD screen while eReaders have electronic ink screens. LCD screens are glossy and have the ability to display clear images, animations, and videos. Electronic ink screens are not glossy and therefore have an advantage because they do not reflect light. This is convenient because you can use them conveniently when you are outdoors. However, they cannot display videos or animations. When comparing if the Amazon Kindle Reader is better in terms of display, the tablet wins.

2. Size
Amazon E-Reader Size The size and weight of the Amazon Kindle Reader is also different compared to a tablet. The eReader is lighter and less bulky than a tablet. If you are an avid reader and need to carry your reader often then the Amazon Kindle Reader is more convenient.

3. Battery Life

Tablets are more like laptops and cannot hold charge for a long time. eReaders are more energy efficient and go for weeks with regular use.

4. Purchasing eBooks

This is one of the most important factors to consider when conducting a comparison of an eReader to a tablet. For example, Apple tablets have their iBooks app which can be used to access a wide variety of eBooks. Tablets that run on Android will however require that the tablet have an app that is compatible with the eBook. In our comparison here, the Amazon Kindle Reader will only let you read Amazon purchased books. However, there are some eReaders out there that are attuned to EPUB and Adobe PDF.

As a conclusion, the best part of the Amazon Kindle Reader is that it’s lighter in weight and you do not have to worry about running out of battery power. On the other hand, tablets are clearer and you can use them for more than just reading eBooks. If you’re still unsure of which one to go with, then the best way to establish the best reader for you is by thinking about what it will be most used for and what your needs are. You can check out more tablet and eReader reviews to delve deeper into the features you get when buying them. If you are an avid reader and rarely need to access the internet with your device, then the Amazon Kindle Reader is for you.

Let us know which is a better buy and why you prefer it over the other?

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