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Exclusive Gadgets for Women

We hear a lot about new technology gadgets pushing the boundaries of human and digital interaction, but seldom, the innovations are gender-specific. We will be the first ones to admit that women are worthy of having gizmos and gadgets dedicated to their uniqueness. Here, we discuss some of the best new gadgets for women across the world:

Mini Jackery Portable Charger

Well, size-wise the Jackery Mini stays true to its name, being the size of an average lube of lipstick. However, the unassuming charger can power smartphones for over 50 hours! This one qualifies as a go-girl gadget. It is tiny, un-machismo, and looks like a lipstick—nothing too manly about it, is there? However, you do need to carry a dedicated cable to plug it in.


Relax—this is not a purse with a bottomless pit! This is essentially a battery booster. Does this mean that the innovator is trying to say that women need more recharging than men? Don’t know the answers, but this portable power gizmo works rather well. We get the female bit when appreciating its chic, handbag-like appearance. It is portable, fashionable, and efficient. The Everpurse has no messy wires. The phone can snugly fit into a charging slot. The charging mat is inductive and charges the phone completely, up to two times in a day.

Ogio Hampton Tote Bag

No, we are not talking about a handbag here. The Ogio tote can charge most media devices we see on women. It is a designer gizmo with padded slots. The pockets are snug and sleeves exquisitely wrap everything from a laptop to a mobile. Offered in a variety of colors, this is a definite compliment magnet.

The Rebecca Minkoff (for Stellé Audio Clutch)

I guess we underestimated the expanse of the handbag look-alike gizmo marketplace. This is underlined by a clutch that can charge smartphones and play your favorite tunes! Stellé Audio wasn’t satisfied at creating something technologically fashionable for women. It went on to team-up with a renowned fashion designer like Rebecca Minkoff to create something more amazing—a wireless Bluetooth speaker. It can also be used as a designer handbag. Who said listening to music cannot be a fashion statement?

Martian Smart Watch

Why stick to just the time when you can check your emails, text, and other notifications? This watch uses wireless signals to connect to your phone and displays all the necessary information on your wrist.

Author: Summer H.


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