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iPad/iPhone Gaming: Just Kidding!

Apple presents some of the best gaming content for kids of all ages. iPad games for kids have always been appreciated for their blend of recreation and learning. In fact, some of these kids games are so engrossing that even I play them whenever I’m free. But you can’t blame me, these games ARE very interesting. I have tried a lot of them, and I will discuss some really cool games here. Check out these fun games for kids that are available on the iPad/iPhone system:

Sesame Street Family Play

Finally, a family game equally adored by kids and the parents. The emphasis is on getting the kids to move about and make an effort to learn. There are more than 150 games on offer and the app allows some level of customization. The characters are adorable and the entire interface is very interactive.

Mr Shingu’s Paper Zoo

One of the best offerings from Stormcloud, this game is basically a virtual world that allows children to create their paper animals. The emphasis is on encouraging creativity. From pelicans and crocodiles to fierce lions and slippery snakes, kids can take their pick. The app is easy-to-follow with its dotted lines where kids are supposed to make the folds. Instructions are easy-to-understand and it is unlikely that any kid will not love this paper zoo.

BBC CBeebies Playtime

This game tries to engage kids and parents for collective fun. Every show within the app has an exclusive game. Parents can spend more time in the Grown-Ups zone. Educational info is presented without making it look like a learning initiative. You can record audio messages too.

The Snowman And The Snowdog

A decent mix of creativity blended with some learning bits, this game helps children learn about landmark places like the House of Parliament and the Stonehenge. The main plot is about helping the Snowman fly to the North Pole. You might mistake it for a Temple Run look-alike, but the content is very different. Kids can dodge obstacles and choose between running and flying.

Clumsy Ninja

Leave out kittens or puppies and snowmen, this game has a more authoritative and charming central character—a Ninja, albeit he’s a bit lazy. The game emphasizes on stimulating curiosity and learning through interaction. While helping the Ninja learn more tricks, kids get to explore and understand more. This includes everything from a trampoline to a chicken!

Author: Summer H.


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