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Must Have Shopping Apps On Your Smartphone

Technology is here with us and with each passing day our relationship with it just gets deeper. Currently there are apps and software for doing different tasks that would otherwise e time consuming and cumbersome if we consider doing them on our own. Shopping applications are soft wares meant for our phones, which help us go through our daily shopping experiences. These apps have been designed to run on Apple’s iOS and Google’s Android operating systems depending on which phone or tablet you own. The advantages of using these apps in shopping are many from price comparison, finding nearby stores, and establishing whether a product is a ineffective.

In addition, some of the apps come with cool features such as picture recognition and barcode scanners. Whatever your shopping requirement is, these applications can get you covered and save you a lot of money. Here are some of the best shopping apps for your phones;

Amazon Mobile: This is a free app from Amazon which enables you purchase anything from one of the leading online market places in the world. With this app, you have the freedom to shop straight from the comfort of your home. This is like having Amazon.com in your pocket. The Amazon Mobile app syncs up with the larger Amazon.com so whichever item you have in your cart and wish list are automatically transferred. In addition, the app enables you track an existing order of a particular item straight from your phone. The most interesting thing, which I am sure will blow your socks off is the new ‘Amazon Remembers’ feature. This feature is amazing, it enable you take a picture of an item that you would wish to have with your phone. The picture will then be uploaded on your Amazon.com account and if it is found to match with an existing product that Amazon sells, the picture will include a link to buy the product online.

Groupon: If you haven’t downloaded this app then you are missing out on a lot when it comes to online shopping. Groupon is an application that offers a great deal of flexibility and simplifies the process of online shopping as it uses your phone’s built in GPS in order to find and locate better deals near you. The app uses the power of group purchasing in locating the nearest best deals on whichever shopping need you are having. This app allows you to share best deals via popular social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter. However, the downside of this app is that it is only available in few selected cities in the world this limiting the number of people who are using it.

Finally, it is with such applications that we get to appreciate the power of technology. The whole experience of shopping has been simplified let alone made so fun as with just a brush on your smart phone, you can get anything delivered at your doorstep at the most affordable price. The future of online shopping is here with us and it is all on your phone.

Over To You: Do you like shopping on your mobile device? if so, then what is your favorite app you use for shopping on your smartphone device and why?

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