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Protect Your Android Phone From an Attack


Android operating systems are currently the most popular in the world. They have cute, friendly names like “Froyo”, “Gingerbread”, and “Honeycomb” which might give you an ice cream headache, but avoids the alien amalgamation of letters and numbers that so often intimidates users away from technology. When Windows was just a sprout that took hold to become the most popular operating system in the world, it suffered from attacks from multiple corners. Every time a piece of technology becomes popular, it immediately seems to come under attack.

The Problem

When Android operating systems appeared on the scene, they were immediately backed by the Great and Powerful Google, so it didn’t take long for Android to proliferate to become as common as their parent, Google. What makes them even more appealing is that their Linux-based systems are open source. The downside is that in making the code available to everyone online, and then putting that code on literally millions of devices is that someone, somewhere is going to use it for evil.

The most common attack on Android driven smartphones and tablets are Trojan horses that download apps intended to hack your phone, steal your information, and reconfigure your phone to send inappropriate texts to your family.

Thankfully, for every diabolical hacker out there twirling his mustache and designing these nasty bits of software, there’s at least one putting out protection. Which is also a wise thing to take to Mardi Gras.

The Solution

 Step 1: Get Lookout Mobile Security.


Before you do anything with your phone: before you transfer one number, send one text, or download one voice modulator that makes you sound like you are sick when you call your boss, get Lookout Mobile Security. You can get either the Free or Premium version of it. The difference with the Premium package is that you can get remote locking and wiping capabilities. Even the Free edition will keep you safe from the most common attacks, and scans your phone for any software that may already be on it. Let’s face it, most of modern life takes place on our phones, and if it isn’t safe, we could lose our whole identity.

Step 2: Get Norton Mobile Security Beta

This is another great free decision that lets you lock and wipe your phone via text message. If you don’t want to pay for the Lookout Mobile Security Premium, this gives you total phone control just through text. With just a message, you can lock the phone down and wipe the memory.

That’s it, your phone should now be safe.

Odds are, even if you don’t have an Android-based device right now, you will get one at some point in the future. They are great devices with great operating systems, but even the best walls can be breached. Make sure you are prepared and you can enjoy all the Android-y goodness that “Ice Cream Sandwich” or “Eclair” have to offer. Just beware brain freeze.

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