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The Apple Vs. Samsung Two Minute Breakdown

In the Apple vs. Samsung court decision, the ruling seems to have done what any good legal ruling does – namely it has left most members of the technological community confused, flummoxed, frustrated, confounded, baffled, and dazed. Like much of the American legal system, a simple question has managed to create such labrythine nonsense that everyone is trying to figure out just what the hell it is going to mean for the future.

If you are one of the millions of people that did not feel like attending law school just to comprehend this single court decision, here are a few of the high points of the Apple v. Samsung court debacle.

What The Hell Happened?


Basically, Apple claimed that Samsung had stolen some of their intellectual property by doing such horrifying things as making a phone that is a rectangle with rounded corners. As we all know, Apple has the market on rectangles with rounded corners completely…well…cornered. Apple will probably be suing the Druids next for ripping them off in the Apple v. Stonehenge court case.

Apple claimed that Samsung had violated several Apple patents in both physical look as well as operation. Samsung claimed the patents were invalid, but failed to prove it in court.

How Much Money is Involved?

At first count, all. All the money seems to be wrapped up in this case. Apple received an initial judgement that will force Samsung to pay them approximately $1 Billion – that’s with a “B” – and that is less than half of what Apple initially asked for, which was $2.5 Billion.

What’s Next?

This ruling is really the tip of the iceberg from a litigation standpoint. While Apple won their day in court, it is a long, long road between the courtroom and money actually changing hands. Samsung and Apple have been embroiled in intellectual property claims for more than a year, and their lawyers are far from finished.

The ruling is essentially a decision made by 12 people after only three days of deliberation. Now, Samsung will appeal the decision. Apple will appeal Samsung’s appeal. Then LG, Motorola, BlackBerry, and anyone else with a dog in the smartphone fight will start a battle royale that will drag on for years, promising that the average consumer can expect to be wildly confused every 6 to 18 months.

What Does this Mean for Patents and Intellectual Property

Well, only one thing is certain in that realm: there will be at least one more internet article written about this decision…or possibly 900,000, at least half of which will contain actual data and/or facts. Maybe.

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