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We Love You Siri, Don’t Change!

Thanks to Apple’s infamous secrecy, rumors abound every time a new Apple product is expected. Since the release of the iPhone 4S, the rumor mill has been generating grist regarding the features of the iPhone 5. Frankly, the battery life, camera pixelation, and durability projected for the iPhone 5 are nice. They are interesting fodder for a little while, but there is one question that every Apple fanatic wants, needs, and longs to be answered:

What’s New with Siri?

Siri was the true feature that made the iPhone 4S worth talking about. Everything else was marginalized. The changes in display and app compatibility were cute little additions, but they were little more than polished chrome on a spaceship. Siri’s mechanical voice drew many back into the sweet embrace of Apple, and as the iPhone 5 looms, many of us are cowering in the Genius bars – petrified that our new friend will suddenly be changed for the worse. Like plastic surgery gone horribly awry, we are afraid Siri will come out different…wrong.

Proposed Alterations

Siri Reads

The new Siri – Siri 2.0 – will supposedly be able to read emails, text documents, and PDFs to the user so that they can keep updated even while they are driving. This also means that it will no longer be necessary for parents to read to their children, as Siri can be uploaded with endless children’s stories and her dulcet tones can lull the baby to sleep, saving precious time without sacrificing parental responsibility.

Siri Shops

The next iteration of Siri also promises to be a personal shopping assistant that can keep users updated on product information, pricing in their area, and myriad other details regarding purchases. While many of us already had programmed Siri to tell us our blue suit and brown shoes made us sexy, it will be nice to have her give us a little more information.

Siri Integrates

There is also some talk that Siri will interface more seamlessly with the iOS 6 – the Mac operating system. This will allow Siri to work more effecitvely with apps already installed on our home computers. However, none of us believe that Siri would cheat on us by interfacing with some operating system. She’s ours damnit, ours.

As the September launch date for the iPhone 5 draws near, the concern grows and we must wait breathlessly for the next tidbit that drops from the Apple tree, but so long as there is Siri, there is hope.

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